Thoroughly Thrashed

Unable to sleep during, what I normally call, the night I decided to take out a fresh Rifter and see what the Amarr were up to. When I hit the Amamake/Dal area I came across a small Minmatar fleet and a large Amarr fleet. I though about what I had previously mentioned about engaging anything I came across. Then I thought about attempting to go up against 10+ Amarr capsuleers in a lonely Rifter and how utter pointless it would be and how it wouldn't teach me anything at this stage. So I carried on, after waving to Fergus Meikleour in local.


I carried on roaming empty systems, shared a laugh at Mark726's expense as he mistook Garheade for GigaerPrano! Speaking of Mark726. I recently decoded a hacked transmission where Mark726 was interviewed by some reporter. You can check out that particular interview here. It's part of something called Tech4 News.


About half an hour into the flight with no further contact with any Amarr I decided to see if I could find a PLEX site in a contested Amarr system. I found one in Kamela and proceeded to activate the warp gate. Once I started to capture the complex a neutral Jaguar landed on grid, so I stayed where I was and waited for him to close in. I knew I'd unlikely survive the encounter but though it worth a try. The Jaguar sped towards me and then locked me up. I waited for him to start firing so that I didn't incur GCC and we were soon lobbing projectiles at each other. He managed to keep a safe 20km distance from me which meant that I couldn't hit him with my close range autocannons. He took my shields away quite rapidly and then one of his corpies showed up on grid piloting a Hawk, so I activated my microwarpdrive in an attempt to close the gap but he was able to keep his optimal distance while removing the rest of my shields and chunks out of my armour.

I overheated my autocannons to maximise any damage I would cause, on the odd chance I'd get a hit in but neglected to turn it off before the guns burned out completely. That didn't matter though as I was hitting structure as his friend was almost within firing range too. As a last resort I aligned to a stargate, activated my microwarpdrive again and spammed the warp button. To my surprise, with half structure and no guns, I entered warp! The Jaguar followed me but I had already bounced of the gate to another one. I thanked the combatant for the fight and headed for another system. Just before I jump through the gate, he mentioned something about forgetting he had GCC. I may not have gotten the final blow but his ship exploded and mine didn't! I'll take that! Besides, it looks like he was having quite a party on board!


So, my first kill in the 100 Rifters project (Don't argue with me!) on paper, I repair and look for more trouble. Still no Amarr so I opt to find another PLEX to run. I find a Major Amarr Stronghold and wonder how well a Rifter would last and warp in. The battleships cannot hit me with their large lasers so I manage to last about seven minutes, right up until a group of cruisers spawn and decimate my shields extremely quickly. I abandon the Complex and continue looking for Amarrian targets.


Further roaming discovered a system with a minor complex. "Should be doable in a Rifter", I though. Once I reached the jump gate a Thrasher showed up on d-scan so I opted to wait and see if it was heading for me. It was! We engage and it's obvious he out DPS's me but that is to be expected. I tightened my orbit and activated my microwarpdrive to see if I could negate any of the incoming damage, which did nothing of the sort and by the time I had him at half shields my Rifter was destroyed. I wasn't prepared and didn't have my warp out ready for my pod, as I hit the warp button in an attempt rescue my +4's I woke up in station.


Makes me think of the song by Jay-Z. "I've got 99 Rifters but my &!^*$ ain't one".

Thrashed by a thrasher.

I'm sorry for your +4'sKnow the feeling.Although my podding happened months ago I could never be bothered to replace them. Training in my Snakes since then. If they go pop sometime at least they contributed something until the end (speed), unlike the +4's who are just "sitting there" in PvP :)

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