Time for an image change

I am looking forward to creating new portraits for my characters.

Created in 2003, over 7 years ago, I didn't use random creations for my characters. I spent a fair amount of time changing, altering, wishing I hadn't altered because I couldn't get it back to how it looked previously. The usual. As time has passed I have started to grow tired of the same portraits all the time. I would have been happy with the ability to change poses every now and then but luckily we get to re-create our portraits from scratch, in a much more realistic style.

We will only be able to change the portrait once, I believe, and will be stuck with our new creation thereafter so it will be important to get it right! I can assure you I will be fiddling with the new character creator for some time before finalising my portraits. I have a number of alts who I shall be practising on first, I will not mind if these characters are flawed in any way as I do not stay logged into them for great lengths of time. If I was to mess up one of my main characters though, I would be devastated!

When the character creator first appeared on SiSi I immediately jumped on to play, I didn't spend as long as I did when I originally created the characters in 2003 but that was only as I knew the changed would not be permanent and many features were unfinished or rough around the edges.

These are my finalised portraits from the first instance of the character builder on SiSi:

Commander Phoenix (Female Caldari Deteis) before:


Commander Phoenix after:


noise (Male Minmatar Sebiestor) before:


noise after:


Finally one of my alts, Kylara Phoenix (Female Gallente) before:


Kylara Phoenix after:


None of the portraits are perfect and I can already see things I would like to change but it was a good starting point. It was also good to test the new character builder on SiSi before they pulled it down.

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