Time. It's not on my side.


Recently I've not been able to log into EVE Online anywhere near as much as I want only managing an hour or two here and there. Whenever I have logged in I have been either creating portraits for my alt army or buying and fitting new ships for m3 Corps new position within FCON Alliance in NC space. All of the ships Commander Phoenix currently flies are armour tanked, Amarr vessels which are no longer the ship type of choice leaving me no option but to trawl through lists and fits trying to eek out some ships that she can fly.

I eventually decided noise was now my better bet for standard m3 Corp/FCON fleets as he is able to fly a T1 variant of the Maelstrom we primarily use now. This leaves Commander Phoenix to be my support character, She can fly her carrier to m3 Corp standards which appear to be better than some of our allies. If we get an armour BS fleet at any point she will have one ready as noise can't fly the main Amarr ships needed. Logistics are also on the cards for Commander Phoenix but only the armour tanking Guardian, again which is out of favour for the most part. 

I'm contemplating cross training Commander Phoenix for the Scimitar, however noise will start training for Minmatar ships soon and having Commander Phoenix train for Minmatar T2 cruiser could be a waste. I want to get her ready for supercaps even though I will not be acquiring one for quite some time, I'm thinking of starting with getting those drone skills way up high. I had originally wanted to get her leaderships skills up high but honestly, I don't see me having use for them so will probably drop that idea.

Regardless of the indecision for Commander Phoenix, noise will start training for T2 large projectiles the moment he has been mapped for Per/Wil which will be within the month. I KNOW he is looking forward to getting into a Vagabond and a Rapier.

One of my industry characters, Chavalar, has the ability now to invent Caldari ships but haven't had the time to look into setting it up. Research is also need to go through and work out which components are needed to manufacture T2 ships once they have been invented from the BPC's.

An Alliance mate from my alts alliance has let me use his POS for my needs, which has saved me from keeping my own POS up which was starting cost a lot of isk. Once the roles have been set, Chavalar will be able to start copying those Caldari ship BPO's ready for invention.

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