Unrealised potential


With over 4,200,000 skill points still sitting unclaimed, noise is like the naughty kid at the back of the class not paying attention. He has plenty of potential but just hasn't realised it yet.

He is going to stay that way too. Plodding along with undeveloped skills to be used when an obstacle is reached. Instead of using every last skill point right, which will get him into some shiny ships, noise will be mapped to a Perception / Willpower combination. The skill points will be used when a he needs to train some skills outside of these attributes.

Commander Phoenix rushed into a large number of T2 ships but lacked the knowledge, and still does, to fly many of them efficiently. Learning from his friends mistakes, noise will attempt to fly a small selection of ships correctly. Attempting to absorb the needed skills to maximise his potential, flying the ships he will undoubtedly cherish.

Currently flying the Claw Interceptor, noise will train to fly the Sabre. Most small gang fleets are happy to have both of these ship types along, to increase the likelihood of ensnaring victims. The Hurricane is another current favourite and this ship will have skills trained to maximise it's potential in combat. Once these ship types are in the service of annihilating reds, and possibly neutrals, noise will start along the path of T2 cruiser hulls. The Vagabond looking good for some solo or 2 man gangs and the Rapier will enable him to scout ahead more effectively and further afield.

A couple of days ago, noise rejoined m3 Corp and looks forward to flying with his buddies again albeit during the evenings only as his prior commitments have started to build up and must be dealt with during the main part of the day.

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