Welcome to Kadavr Black Guard!

Dear noise. Your application to join Kadavr Black Guard has been accepted.


I finally decided to join a player corporation. -KBG- is a fairly new corporation in the trio of Kadavr corporations, this one is focussing on low sec PvP. Small gang is where I've always had the most fun and it'll be fun to get back into it. Of course I need to lose all these Rifters so will more than likely be the suicide tackle for the foreseeable future! Not that I mind as I'm always learning and I should get plenty of experience throwing myself into sticky situations.

Some of -KBG-'s goals are:
  • Have at least 50 members.
  • Have 6 directors, 2 in each TZ (EU, US, AU).
  • Have an alliance tournament team.
  • Have a presence in low Sec; solo, small gang and fleet warfare.
  • Have friends but no blues.
  • Have fun but RL comes first.
  • Have medals!

There are a few requirements for new recruits:
  • Minimum of 5 million combat focussed skill points OR be an OUCH UNI graduate.
  • Piracy or low sec experience.
  • Be fun, no politics and no bullshit.

If the above sounds good, why not come join us?



Thanks @nashhkadavr

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