What's been happening?

It's been a little while since I posted some content so I thought I'd best let you know what's been happening.

I've not been in-game much recently since the fall of the Northern Coalition, opting to take some time off. My time off however doesn't mean that I'm taking a break from EVE. No sir-ee. Just a reduced amount of time in, and out, of game activities.

I tired of the Northern Coalition's lack of organisation pretty fast and stopped joining fleet fights even before their fall. I had already rescued every single one of my ships back to Pure Blind and started to concentrate my efforts on industry, specifically learning about T2 production with my own alliance: Primal Noise. Primal Noise was created to guard mine and a friends high-sec corporations from being an easy wardec. If you would like to join, give me a shout.

I quickly learned that I would need to go back to 'spreadsheets in space' in order to know what was a waste of time and what wasn't so have started constructing such a spreadsheet for profit analysis purposes. I'm sure many people have their own 'Master' spreadsheet and have even looked at a few from the forums and other sites but none come close to what I wanted to construct. I also enjoy mucking around with this type of stuff so starting from scratch was the obvious choice. I don't intent on having the spreadsheet as the final product though. If I'm able to get in a basic, working, form then I'll start writing a program in C# based on the spreadsheet prototype. I don't know C# yet, having been trained during my Higher National Diploma to program in Visual Basic .NET but it is another language I am keep to learn. Some might say, 2 of the same language, but it interests me.

Until the profit program is done (it'll be a long while), I'm making do by inventing T2 Frigates, although not manufacturing them yet. Simply because I am too lazy to go fetch the products needed to start the manufacturing, I did say I have reduced my in and out of game time. I do have a nice large collection of Single run T2 Frigates BPC's building up though. I also have a collection of max run T1 BPC's of all ship sizes sitting in my hanger and I'm unsure as of yet, whether it's worth using decryptors on them to get a better T2 BPC. This is what started my spreadsheet!

A few months back, MaxTorps from Starfleet Comms invited me to join the podcast as a co-host which I gratefully accepted and have had great fun talking to MaxTorps on and off of the podcast. In the first episode of The ISK Bucket on episode 9's podcast, listeners briefly got to a hear a new voice, Penelope Star. Penelope will be joining us on the podcast soon.

As for m3 Corp, we are 'actively' taking a small break. When we return there will be some (major) differences and I am looking forward to see how thing pan out. Unfortunately we have lost a number of members to RL, I wish them all the best and hope to see them soon.

I started a couple of new characters. Just an FYI about the buddy reward scheme... They have now changed the rules... You won't get your PLEX/Game time if the buddy buys the game through Steam.

I started one character to stick in RvB, probably Red Fed as I've been speaking to TG_3. She's gonna be a kick ass chick... She's not ready yet though. 

I started the other one to test out the New Player Experience after Incarna hit. I like some of the additions but noticed a few inconsistencies with skill books that we had previously bee given as part of the crash course but not longer get with the new tutorial. I believe one of the messages I got was: Using the Armour Repairer skillbook you were given during the Crash Course. I didn't have the book so I just purchased it from the market but a new player probably wouldn't know how to do that.



You're wrong on the Steam-keys not working for buddy program. Previously they worked but they had a clause in the terms of buddy program that you cannot use a Steam key to activate a buddy program. It's been like that for over a year but only now are they enforcing it from the get-go.TL;DR policy hasn't changed, enforcement of the policy did.

My bad. So the rules haven't changed but the Steam CD keys shouldn't have worked previously. Got it. :)

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